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Regenerative Agriculture in Ohio

The Soil Health for Dairy Suppliers Program began in July of 2020 during a global pandemic. The goal of this program is to provide farmers in the dairy feed supply shed in Ohio and Kansas with the tools to understand the impact of their practices and implement Ohio soil health best management practices. Our first farmer enrolled in this program in March of 2021, and he has been able to use this service to grow interest in his area about regenerative farming practices.

Matt Burkholder is a fourth-generation farmer

Matt Burkholder is a fourth-generation farmer and working as a farmer advocate in relationship with The Nature Conservancy. He is working to educate others about implementing regenerative agriculture farming practices. This program is just one of many examples of collaboration that encourage and support farmers in their agricultural journey.

It was encouraging when I learned Danone and other companies are interested in regenerative agriculture practices, I have often felt like no one cares about what we do on our farm in Allen County Ohio. I knew we were slowly making improvements but had no way to quantify it.

-Matt Burkholder

Through enrollment in this program, farmers will gain access to this Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plan and On Farm Outcomes Report. This will allow farmers to quantify the benefits of their practices and begin planning for implementation of regenerative agriculture practices. These reports can be used however the farmers may choose in order to educate others about their practices, or as a way to advocate for themselves.

Matt Burkholder has been using his Sustainable Continuous Improvement Plan and On Farm Outcomes Report, from the Soil Health for Dairy Suppliers Program, in order show others the progress he is making through implementing regenerative agriculture practices. He recently completed an interview with The Lima Delphos Herald in which he spoke about how he is planning to grow his regenerative farming practices based on his plan provided from this program. This program is still available for farmers to enroll, both in Ohio and in Kansas. Read more on American Farmland Trust’s Ohio soil health program and beyond here.

This will take years, but I’m excited to build on what my family and I have done.

-Matt Burkholder

Farmers who reach out to their conservation technician, mention this blog post, and complete their paperwork for the program within a week, will become eligible for a $50 gift card.


Quotes sourced from interview with Lima Delphos Herald about the Soil Health for Dairy Suppliers Program:

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