Aaron Ristow - American Farmland Trust

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Aaron Ristow

Senior Agricultural Specialist
aristow@farmland.org 315-748-5029

With a background in soil health and 20 years in the field, Aaron Ristow works to identify solutions for farmers facing unique problems on their operations. Ristow leads the Genesee River Watershed Demo Farm Network, established by American Farmland Trust, in collaboration with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), partnering with 17 farm operations to support the adoption of regenerative farming practices in New York’s Genesee River Watershed.

Through the Demo Farm Network, Ristow works with farmers to increase knowledge about on-farm conservation systems that build soil health and benefit the environment. Identifying farms with a history of incorporating soil conservation practices, Ristow takes a scientific and historical approach to evaluating the impact of no-tillage methods, cover crops, adaptive nutrient management and other soil management methods on a farm’s viability and improved environmental outcomes. He has a Master of Science in Soils and Biogeochemistry and in International Agricultural Development, both from the University of California, Davis.

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