Aysha Tapp-Ross - American Farmland Trust

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Aysha Tapp-Ross

Water and Soil Health Scientist

Aysha (she/her) conducts research and analysis for AFT’s Water initiative, particularly focusing on the soil health effects of regenerative farm practices. She also collaborates with AFTs regional and national staff to develop outreach and education materials and training webinars to help farmers and conservation professionals implement and quantify the many outcomes of soil health practices.

She earned her Master’s Degree in Sustainability from the University of Louisville, and she is currently working on her PhD in Biology, also with the University of Louisville, where she is focusing on agro-ecological aspects of regenerative farming practices. Aysha’s MS thesis focused on changes in soil microbes in rye cover crops on no-till-fields in corn and soybean rotations and plans on continuing this research through her dissertation. She currently volunteers with both the Community Farm Alliance and the Kentucky Conservation Committee to help promote soil health practices in Kentucky. In her spare time Aysha also owns and operates a CSA farm and apiary with her husband and four children.

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