Brian Brandt - American Farmland Trust

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Brian Brandt

Agriculture Conservation Innovations Initiative Director

Brian plays a principal role in AFT’s efforts to engage the agricultural industry in developing environmental service markets in the Ohio River Basin and the upper Midwest. Working with partners in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, Brian led AFT’s efforts to develop the first multiple-credit ecosystem services market in the country. Brian has played an integral role in the effort to develop innovative risk management tools to increase BMP adoption and led the development of the Nutrient BMP Insurance policy and proposal, both of which were approved by USDA’s Risk Management Agency. He also managed AFT’s role in the BMP Challenge with Agflex, which has helped more than 100 farmers in 16 states reduce their fertilizer applications. He has also participated in several national and state Conservation Innovation Grant projects funded by USDA. Brian is a part-time farmer and grew up on a hog and cash-grain farm in Ohio. He holds a Bachelor of Science in agronomy from The Ohio State University.