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Harol Gonzalez Gallardo

California Agricultural Specialist

Harol Gonzalez Gallardo was born in Cuba and has lived in California for 7 years. Harol has a degree in Agronomy and a master’s degree in Plant Biotechnology, both from the Central University of Las Villas, Cuba; In addition, he holds the Certified Crop Adviser license. He has professional experience in research, soil fertility, plant nutrition, and conservation planning. During his professional career he has worked on different crops, such as almonds, pistachios, corn, wheat, citrus, bananas, sugar cane, among others. For two years he lived in Ecuador, where he designed the Agroecology Degree for the Pichincha Technological Institute. Harol has worked in the San Joaquin Valley area, providing conservation planning and regenerative agricultural practices to farms and dairies. During his free time, Harol likes to visit new tourist and historical-cultural places in California with his family, as well as playing sports and watching soccer; he is a great lover of movies and can spend whole nights with his girlfriend in front of the television.

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