Leila Rezvani - American Farmland Trust

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Leila Rezvani

Climate Solutions Implementation Specialist

Leila worked on diversified vegetable farms in the Northeast and Gulf South for 9 years before joining AFT as a Climate Implementation Specialist. They hold a B.S. in Environmental Studies and a master’s degree in Agrarian and Food Studies. For their research, they worked with peasant farmers in Brittany, France, to understand their interaction with European seed regulation and its impact on both agrobiodiversity and farmer’s autonomy. They also co-own and operate Keshtyar Seed, a small-scale farm that grows fresh vegetables and heritage seed from Southwest Asia, and organize with the Iraqi Seed Collective to grow and share seed from important and threatened crops from the Fertile Crescent. They live in Chesterfield, Massachusetts with their partner, friends, sheep, cows, chickens and rabbits and enjoy gardening, hiking, natural dyeing, fiber art, cooking and reading.

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