Lindsey Richards - American Farmland Trust

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Lindsey Richards

Texas Gulf Coast Outreach and Education Coordinator

Lindsey’s journey in the field of agriculture research began in 2014 when she joined the Agroecology program at the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley as a Subtropical Organic Agriculture Research intern. During this time, she conducted an on-farm study focused on utilizing biodegradable mulches to deter pests in tomatoes. Lindsey’s dedication and passion for sustainable agriculture led her to manage the first certified organic research garden on a university campus in Texas. Additionally, she took the initiative to establish a campus farmers market, aiming to increase student access to local fresh produce. After completing her B.S. in Biology with a minor in ceramics, Lindsey continued her work in the field by joining the University of Texas – Rio Grande Valley as a research technician for the Subtropical Soil Health Initiative. In this role, she contributed to a large collaborative project involving on-farm participatory cover crop field trials. The project, directed by the National Center of Appropriate Technology and funded by the Natural Resource Conservation Services, aimed to gather practical, regionally adapted information about the biological, physical, and chemical effects on soil health. Lindsey’s commitment to furthering her knowledge and expertise led her to obtain an M.S. in Earth, Environment, and Sustainability Sciences in 2022. During her master’s program, she conducted research on the impact of native plants in agricultural systems on pollinator diversity and soil health. This research aimed to shed light on the potential benefits of incorporating native plants into agricultural practices. In July 2023, Lindsey joined the American Farmland Trust, where she assumed the role of working on a RESTORE project with NRCS in South Texas. As part of her responsibilities, she focuses on assisting farmers in implementing nutrient reduction practices.

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