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Western New England Regenerative Livestock Farming Grants (RLF)


Priority: Livestock farmers in specific counties seeking to implement practices for improved soil health. 

Launched in 2020, the New England Farmer Microgrants Program (NEFMP) is a grant program that provides direct financial support to farmers across New England. The program seeks to address some of the key barriers faced by farmers in the region: access to farmland, farm succession/transfer planning, and the adoption of regenerative farming practices. 

New for the 2023 grant cycle, NEFMP will consist of two separate funding opportunities: the Western New England Regenerative Livestock Farming grant, and grants to support farmland access and succession planning. 

The Western New England Regenerative Livestock Farming funding opportunity provides grants to livestock producers in select counties in CT, MA, NH, and VT for projects that improve soil health through the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices. 

Applicants can request up to $10,000 under this funding opportunity. 




Why this Project Area? 

The Connecticut River Valley contains some of the most fertile soils in New England, but livestock farmers in this region face unique challenges regarding water quality. AFT is leading a larger, multi-year project focused on financial and technical assistance for regenerative livestock farming in this geographic area, and significant funding has been made available through this project as microgrants. Because of this, the NEFMP livestock grant is limited to farmers located in the counties listed here.

Read more about AFT’s work in this area through our greater Western New England Regenerative Livestock Farming regional collaborative partnership project. 

Some examples of eligible projects include: Cover crops, pasture seeding, pollinator habitat creation, rotational grazing, reducing tillage, compost, soil amendments. 


Grants Are Reimbursement-Based 
Our program issues payment to awardees as a reimbursement. If awarded, grantees will only receive payment after submitting proof of purchase/payment for services. AFT can also pay vendors directly for approved items/services on behalf of the grantee upon receipt of invoice from the vendor. Grantees have one year to implement their projects from the date of award. 

Through our partnership with Farm Credit East’s FarmStart program, NEFMP awardees who face challenges in pre-paying for grant-supported projects may be eligible to receive a low-interest advance. Reach out to our staff for more information. 

Not Sure If Your Project Is Eligible?

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