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Idaho Program

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Ag Protection in Idaho

At first pass, Idaho’s vast and robust agricultural economy, 20 percent of the state’s annual GDP, appears invincible. However, several dynamic conditions such as exploding population growth, drought conditions and water scarcity, supply chain disruption, and soil health decline are putting the longevity of our family farms and ranches at risk. Many Idahoans and local organizations have been calling for agricultural protection for decades. AFT’s Idaho program is excited to identify opportunities to create projects with our donors, peers, and advocates that inform, add value, and strengthen our agricultural communities. 

Assuming business as usual, Idahoans will pave over, fragment, or compromise 113,075 acres of farmland and ranchland between now and 2040. That’s the equivalent of losing 718 farms and ranches, $72 million in annual agriculture output, and 1,513 jobs based on county averages. Eighty-three percent of the conversion will occur on Idaho’s best land. AFT’s Idaho programs are working hard to raise awareness of this threat and identify opportunities to pump the brakes on rampant growth.  

Our strength to protect our agricultural economy and way of life is our voice. Join AFT as a member (it’s free) and you will receive our Idaho newsletter which provides regular updates on programming, landowner success stories, and calls to action for engaging our local and state decision-makers on issues that keep our farms and ranches working.

Treasure Valley Agricultural Land Conversion (2001-2040)

Learn more: Farms Under Threat – Future Scenarios

Current Idaho Projects

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