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Land Transfer Training - Resources for Farmers and Ranchers

The Transitioning Land to a New Generation – Land Transfer Training is designed for incoming producers and current landholders who have started to talk about a farm or ranch transfer.


Farmers, Ranchers, and Landowners will find training worksheets, information sheets, presentations, and case studies below.

Additional training materials for educators, such as teaching and student plans, power point presentations, and other adaptable resources are available on our community platform.

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Getting Started with Farm or Ranch Transfer

This module introduces the Land Transfer Training and prepares participants to engage in a farm or ranch transfer process. Participants will identify key steps involved in a farm or ranch transfer; clarify their values, vision, and goals; name the people involved in their transfer; and assess their needs and the needs of those involved in their transfer. Participants also will practice thinking about the other person’s point of view, demonstrating trust-building behaviors, and listening. 

Assess Your Financial Situation and Build Your Team

This module will enable participants to assess their current financial position and future needs and the position and needs of other parties to inform conversations about their farm/ranch transfer. It will help them estimate the value of the tangible and intangible assets being acquired or transferred and introduce business terms, financial statements, and tools.  Lastly, this unit will identify key professional service providers that can support incoming farmers and ranchers, and exiting owners during the transfer process.


Identify Business and Legal Tools

This module introduces the main tools used in planning a transfer. It will focus on key legal and financial tools to help landseekers and landowners succeed. Participants will explore the types of plans needed for their situation to support their transfer process.

Two people at a farmers market discuss heirloom grains.

Prepare to Tell Your Story

This module empowers participants to create and share their stories as a way to build support for their farm or ranch business. Using their values, vision and goals statements as a springboard, participants will clarify their unique story and practice sharing it with others. They will work to adapt their storytelling to suit various audiences. The primary goal is for landholders and land seekers to share their vision and values and learn to communicate more effectively for a successful land transfer.

Prepare to Negotiate

This module prepares participants for the types of conversations they will have during a transfer negotiation. Participants will plan to negotiate, practice communication skills to reach an agreement and prepare to manage stress.

Three people talk in a High Tunnel where fresh flowers are grown.

Land Transfer Stories

Hear from Farmers and Ranchers about their land access and transfer experiences.

Are you someone who works with farmers, ranchers, or agricultural landholders?

We have additional resources that may be helpful.

Learn more about this curriculum through the Course Outcome Summary and Training Manual below.
For additional training materials such as teaching and student plans, power point presentations, and other adaptable educational resources please fill out this form.
To learn more about the Transitioning Land to a New Generation project, visit our project page.


Transitioning Land to a New Generation was funded by a Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP) grant from the United States Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA).

This 3-year project created the Land Transfer Training curriculum to help foster healthy communication skills between landowners and land seekers and support a network of ag service providers.