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Farmers Combat Climate Change

AFT is committed to making U.S. agriculture climate neutral. To do so, we are elevating the role of farmers and farmland in adapting to and mitigating the effects of climate change. From policy leadership, coalition building, and training, to research and on-the-ground demonstration projects, we are working to scale up the adoption of regenerative and soil health promoting agricultural systems. This will ensure a prosperous and resilient future for farmers and the land that sustains us.

New at AFT Climate

Our new report, "Combating Climate Change on US Cropland," focuses on the significant potential of no-till and cover crop practices to increase soil carbon sequestration and reduce nitrous oxide emissions for a net reduction in GHG emissions.

For America’s farmers, climate change is a daily reality. The climate crisis threatens farmers’ ability to nourish a growing human population while protecting our nation’s air, water, soil, and biodiversity.

To keep planetary warming well below 2°C as outlined by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, conserving farmland, increasing the amount of carbon sequestered, and reducing agricultural greenhouse gas, or GHG, emissions are essential to mitigate climate change and increase climate resiliency.

At AFT, we believe farmers and ranchers are a necessary part of the solution to the climate crisis.

Our Strategy

The scale of change is substantial and the time to act is short. We need everyone at the table – from small to large farms, individual farmers to corporations – to take bold actions to the extent necessary to make a difference to our climate future. We look to individuals, policymakers, government leaders, and broader society to make this future a reality. At AFT, we take a holistic approach to support our farmers and ranchers and the land they manage to improve the ecological, social, and economic conditions of the farm, ranch, and community. Our work centers on quantifying and analyzing impacts of programs and policies, engaging and educating stakeholders, and informing and driving new policies. These approaches are interwoven throughout our three key strategies to help the agricultural community combat climate change.

Our Climate Work

AFT’s climate work is deeply intertwined with our other efforts to keep farmers on the land, promote sound farming practices, and protect farmland at the regional and national scale. We focus on integrated approaches to mitigate climate change and enhance climate resiliency.

We are committed to creating an inclusive environment where diverse voices are active in all aspects of our climate efforts. You can learn more about our DEIJ statement here.

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