AFT has conducted original research about women in agriculture and the barriers they face in accessing conservation and farm viability resources.

In 2019, AFT released a new report, along with illustrative profiles and videos, that found women landowners are important in the broader implementation of conservation practices on farms. The report, “Testing the Women Landowner Conservation Learning Circle Model,” also shows women-centered learning circles are an effective way to expand conservation action on agricultural land. In addition to peer-reviewed research, AFT compiled rigorous sources of data on Women in Agriculture in the U.S. into this Fact Sheet to inform our policy strategy and improve the approach of those providing outreach and technical assistance to women in agriculture.

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The outcomes of this research can be accessed on AFT’s Farmland Information Center (FIC), which also provides customized information and technical assistance to address the needs of landowners and farmers. Through a digital database, toll-free hotline, and written materials, the FIC provides knowledge and training for landowners and their farm advisers on conservation programs, farmland protection options, sample leases, and succession plans. It also provides information for land seekers on how to create leases to enable more secure land tenure and conservation success, and more.