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Demonstration Farm Network

The Demonstration Farm Network highlights the impacts of practical and innovative conservation practices on farm viability, water quality, and other natural resources, demonstrated on real working farms.


Farms in the Network

Farm type and size differs across the network, but all of them do their best to give back to the land that sustains them. The goal of the network is to allow farms in the region to learn from one another and to see what practices are most cost effective and have the biggest impact on conservation.

This partnership, spearheaded by American Farmland Trust and the Natural Resources Conservation Service, is supported by collaboration between researchers, agricultural and conservation organizations and others within the Genesee River Watershed.

Goals of the Demonstration Farms Network


The goals of the Demonstration Farm Network are to highlight conservation systems that build soil health and benefit water quality, with on-farm research opportunities to evaluate and demonstrate conservation practices, and to quantify their economic and environmental benefits. The network serves as a platform to share technology, information and lessons learned with farmers, agribusiness, conservation agencies, landowners and the public, and to facilitate farmer-to-farmer discussions and learning opportunities related to conservation practices and their impacts.



For more information please contact:

Aaron Ristow, New York Senior Agricultural Specialist, American Farmland Trust, at